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Friday, March 16, 2012

Boston Cream Pie

So for my last entry, I told you all about how for my in-laws, I'm the official birthday cake maker.  I apparently neglected to mention that I also hold this title for my family.  And my friends.  Thus this entry, and the next one to come.

To celebrate my fathers birthday, we went out for Italian food and followed it up with this Boston cream pie.  I noted the changes I would make- I made a very traditional cake recipe, but it wasn't as moist as my usual "doctor up a box mix" method, so in lieu of being fancy, in the future I'll cut corners and end up with something more delicious.
The Cake
I used this recipe but I didn't think it was worth it.  I suggest you make a yellow cake using these directions, but prepare in two 9 inch rounds.

Pastry Cream
Recipe adapted from:

2 cups whole milk
1/4 cup white sugar
2 egg yolks, room temperature
1 egg, room temperature
1/4 cup cornstarch
1/3 cup white sugar
2 tbsp butter
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
1/2 tsp salt

If your eggs are not at room temperature, place in a warm water bath.

Place 2 tbsp of butter (chopped into pea sized pieces) in a small bowl with vanilla and salt.  Set aside.

Line a 9 inch round (or whatever size round you baked your cakes in) with saran wrap.  Cut yourself an extra piece to place on top when you are complete.  Set aside.

Whisk milk and 1/4 cup sugar in to a medium saucepan. Set aside.

When eggs are warm, put them in your food processor and process for a few moments.  Add your cornstarch and remaining sugar.  Process until combined.

Now that you have your station ready, place your milk mixture on your stove and heat until boiling over medium head.

Once boiling, turn on your food processor.  Slowly drizzle the boiling milk into the egg mixture, being careful not to scramble the eggs by pouring too fast. Once combined, return mixture to saucepan.

Heat over medium heat until it boils and thickens, whisking constantly. Once it reaches the proper thickness, add the butter mixture and whisk until combined. 

Pour your pastry cream into your prepared pan and top with saran wrap to avoid a film from forming.  Store in the fridge until firm, overnight if possible.

The Ganache and Assembly
First, unwrap your pastry cream exposing the top but leave it in the 9 inch round.  Place the bottom layer of your cake on top of the pastry cream, upside down.  Flip out onto your serving tray, and top with the final cake layer.

Prepare your ganache, use the following recipe:

Drizzle over your cake slowly, starting in the middle and working your way out in a circular pattern.  Let some of the ganache drip over the edge.  Stop when you reach the desired look- do not feel like you have to use all the ganache.

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