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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Cake

So here's how I logiced my way into bringing a wedding cake as my contribution to Easter dinner:

1. I typically host holidays at my house, but instead of having to make everything, I was charged with bringing a sole dessert.  I had ample time and crazy holiday fueled energy available.
2.  My friend Michelle and I have wanted to test our red velvet cake recipes to see which one we like best prior to an event we are helping cater.  (I made both my chocolate cake and white cake recipe using a red velvet cake mix.  The chocolate was the best.)
3. I am going to be making a two tiered cake for my friends kids birthday in a few weeks, and I've never done it before.  I needed to practice.
4. I have a mild obsession with making fondant flowers.
5. I'm insane.

And here's the result of my madness...

Red Velvet "Easter" Cake

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