Cheat Day [cheet dey] – noun: The one day of the week where diet minded fitness freaks throw caution to the wind and indulge only on the most tantalizing, ridiculously calorie dense foods known to man. Often associated with the term, “carb hangover,” which occurs the morning after a particularly fruitful cheat day. Synonyms: Free Day, Fun Day, Fat Day

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Oreo Fluff Cake

Since I've already blogged about pretty much every component of this cake, I'll make this short and sweet!  As you know from my post, Strawberry Birthday Cake, I was charged with making not one, but TWO last minute birthday cakes for the weekend.

Well, since husband really super mega wanted an Oreo cake again, I thought I would just post links to the recipes I used and a few notes and pictures on assembly.   I figure, one entirely new experiment per cheat day is enough (the Strawberry Cake)- so this was my safe, easy, I-know-it's-going-to-good dessert.

Here we go!

The Cake
See Trio of Oreo Cupcakes: Make the chocolate cake recipe in two 9 inch rounds

Oreo Fluff Filling
See Trio of Oreo Cupcakes: Make a half batch of the Oreo Fluff filling.

Oreo Cream Cheese Butter Cream Frosting
See My Favorite Butter Cream Frosting: Make a full batch
See The Best Cream Cheese Frosting: Make a full batch

Combine both batches of frosting, setting aside about 1/3 of the mixture for decorating.
Crush ~10 Oreo cookies using a food processor, and fold into the frosting.

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