Cheat Day [cheet dey] – noun: The one day of the week where diet minded fitness freaks throw caution to the wind and indulge only on the most tantalizing, ridiculously calorie dense foods known to man. Often associated with the term, “carb hangover,” which occurs the morning after a particularly fruitful cheat day. Synonyms: Free Day, Fun Day, Fat Day

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Football Truffle Cupcakes

On a weekend where I made a large and somewhat complicated birthday cake, you'd think I'd get done, immediately relax and possibly go for a run due to all of the excess frosting that ended up in my belly.

Instead I made 100 cupcakes topped with cookie dough truffle footballs for a graduation party.  Which led to even more frosting.  Belly hurty.

Thank goodness for my husband - without him, I would have been up until midnight getting these done... and the kitchen would still be a disaster.  

The flavors: 
- Strawberry cake filled cake with raspberry butter cream (add seedless raspberry jam to taste)
- White cake filled with dulce de leche butter cream (add duche de leche to taste)

... all piped with green butter cream "grass" 

The truffles:
- Form cookie dough truffles into football shapes and pipe on accents with white chocolae. 

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